My Story

I love Lewis County.  It has been my home for 28 years.  I have raised three children here with my wife Kristine and now have three grandchildren.  I am passionate about where we live and passionate about maintaining the small-town values that make Lewis County great!

I am a biologist, farmer, small business owner, and Senior Pastor of a church in Ethel called God’s Place.  For more than 20 years, I served my neighbors in Lewis County as the habitat biologist for the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife.

In that role, I strived to bring a balance to the burdensome regulations and the needs of the landowners.  My career with the State focused on solving problems from flooding, bank erosion, and sustainable timber harvest.  I gave up my career to stand for freedom against the vaccine mandate and have since continued to serve my neighbors as a private development consultant.

I’m not a politician, I am your neighbor, and I believe we must elect people to represent us that hold firm to our Constitution and the founding principles of our Nation. We must elect leaders that will speak the truth, do what is right for the good of the people they represent, and be held accountable for their actions. My personal commitment is to represent you with honesty and integrity, never backing away from doing what is right. As your representative in County Government, I will listen and be engaged with every issue that affects our community. I will work hard to solve problems and keep Lewis County a great place to live and work.

Critical Issues Facing Our County:

Flooding– We must act with wisdom to reduce our flooding risk and the impacts it has on our homes, businesses, farms, and transportation.  I have been on the ground helping the citizens of Lewis County through more than two decades of major flood events.  I will put my knowledge and experience to work in helping us reach the goal of reduced flooding impacts while protecting our fish and natural resources.

Growth– State-directed development regulations and mandates are excessive and costly.  We need well-planned growth, housing, and job opportunities to provide for our children and grandchildren to build and live right here in Lewis County.  We need more flexibility to make local decisions on where and how we grow.  I will advocate for that flexibility to keep us moving forward while maintaining the quality of life we have come to love.

Safety– The security of our homes, our families, and our businesses is paramount.  We must be tough on crime and stand for the rule of law.  I will work cooperatively with our Sheriff’s department and local law enforcement to provide the necessary resources to keep our community safe and send the message that criminal activity will not be tolerated.

Agriculture & Timber– Our County is rich with agriculture and timber resources that are being impacted with unnecessary and costly regulations. I believe we can protect our fish and wildlife resources while continuing to build a robust and sustainable agriculture and timber industry. I will be a voice for the farm and timber owners, both small and large, so our local economy remains strong.